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Soom Shower Starter Kit

$124.99 USD

FREE Soom Upgrade Kit included!

Clean water for glowing skin and hair.
Beauty starts with purity. Remove chlorine, harsh chemicals, and rust from your shower water. Soom's filtered shower head purifies your water from contaminants that cause hair loss, dry skin, brittle hair, and acne.

Heal your body and mind. 
Awaken your natural beauty with our Vitamin Essence Pods that infuse aromatic Vitamin C and collagen into your water.

Experience softer hair, glowing skin, and relaxed mind. Explore aromatherapy inspired by South Korea's natural landscapes. Welcome to Soom Shower - your daily restoration.

See clear results within a week.
30-Day full refund guarantee.

Free Domestic Shipping
Easy Installation
Fits All Shower Pipes
30-Day Guarantee

The Starter Kit includes:

1x Soom Shower Head
1x Aqua Purifying Filter
2x Vitamin Essence Pods

We will also include a free Soom Upgrade Kit as well!

Each Vitamin Essence Pod contains safe and nourishing ingredients that will moisturize, brighten, and renew your skin and hair:

Vitamin C: Each pod contain 200 lemons worth of Vitamin C (54% concentration) to help your skin and hair glow. Vitamin C brightens the skin, smoothens the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, stimulates collagen production, and reduces inflammation.

Collagen: Hydrate and strengthen your skin to improve its firmness and elasticity. Collagen helps retain moisture in the skin and enhances its natural radiance for a more youthful appearance.

Glycerin: Also known as glycerol, this ingredient is produced from vegetable oils such as sunflower or palm oils that are rich in fatty acids. Glycerine hydrates the skin and helps enhance the effectiveness of other skincare products.

Other Ingredients: Lactose, Essential Oil, Maltodextrin, Corn Starch, Gellan Gum

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Why does clean shower water matter?

Unfiltered water contains chlorine, heavy metals, and rust that damages your skin and hair. Daily exposure to these contaminants can cause hair loss, dry skin, and body irritations. Soom Shower protects your health and appearance with purified water.

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Go beyond clean - experience renewal.

Soom Shower infuses Vitamin C and collagen into your purified water. These nourishing ingredients brighten your skin and strengthen your hair. Crafted with care, safe for daily use, every shower with Soom becomes a beauty ritual.

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Feel the rush of strong water pressure.

Immerse yourself in a waterfall. Clean your body and wash away the tension and tiredness. Soom provides up to 3x stronger water pressure than regular shower heads. Installation only takes minutes.