Awaken your natural beauty.

Renew your body and mind with clean water, healing vitamins, and calming aromatherapy.


Take a shower that will heal your skin and hair.

Soom removes harsh chemicals in shower water that cause dry skin, hair loss, and acne. Our filtered showerhead purifies your water and infuses it with nourishing ingredients to restore your body. Beauty starts with purity.

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Experience daily self care.


Our filters eliminate 99% of harmful chemicals to provide you with clean water.


Infuse vitamins and collagen into your water. Get smooth skin and soft hair in days.


Immerse yourself in aromatics inspired by South Korea's nature. Find inner peace.


Feel the rush of a waterfall. Get stronger and steadier water pressure.

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Filter out dozens of chemicals and rust from your water.

Shower water contains chemicals that damage skin and hair. There are trace amounts of heavy metals that are harmful if ingested. Soom purifies your water to protect your health and appearance. Start your beauty routine with clean water.

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Infuse your shower water with Vitamin C.

Immerse yourself in aromatics inspired by South Korea. Enter a cloud of flora, wood, and sky. Experience outer beauty and inner peace.

All Natural Ingredients | Tested by Certified Agency

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Vitamin C



Skin Hydration

Rice Extract



Skin Hydration

Amplify Every Drop

Experience a shower like no other. Revel in the sensation of heightened water pressure, typically 3x that of regular fixtures. It's more than just a shower, it's a rejuvenation.

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