At Soom, we bring restorative experiences and everyday joy to an exhausted world.

Restore your skin and hair with purified water and nourishing vitamins.

We believe beauty starts with purity. Soom filters out harsh chemicals in your shower water and infuses it with aromatic Vitamin C to heal your body. Experience self-care every day.






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Soom Shower Starter Kit

Go beyond clean, and experience renewal with purified water, nourishing vitamins, and blissful aromatherapy inspired by Korea's botanical woods, gardens, and sky. Heal your body and clear your mind with Soom.


Explore the healing power of Korea's botanical seasons.

Soom is a life-changing shower.

Let's renew together.

Incredible! I can't go back to a normal shower anymore. My skin and hair look so much softer already.

Tiffany T

San Diego, CA

As a nurse, I'm stressed out at the hospital all day. Taking a Soom shower back at home is how I unwind.

Rachel C

Los Angeles, CA

It's shocking to see how the filter turns brown because of my dirty water. It works! I can shower in peace.

Jackie P

Chicago, IL

How did I live without Soom?! My hair and skin look so much nicer, and the water pressure is fantastic.

Stella K

New York, NY

I tried all the scents and they're AMAZING! I feel like I'm in South Korea again. I am literally obsessed.

Jeemin L

San Francisco, CA

Amazing product! You can't go back to normal showers. I could really see my skin glowing after a few showers.

Michelle P

Chicago, IL

Easy to install, works perfectly, and it feels so refreshing. These make great gifts! My kids love it too.

Mike T

Denver, CO

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